Creating your own VCD scene files for npc scene tool??? :0

Hello everybody, I really really really want to create a realistic video. It would involve normal talking scenes, I’m already creating a video and it has a few scenes where my character would have to interact with strangers such as asking for directions and so on, anyways my plan now is just to use the NPC Scene tool with the vcd files and using the hl2 default scenes but after would have to mute the video its self and overlap my custom audio record over it. I was wondering if its even possible to create your own VCD files. With your own audio? Would the npc’s mouth move on which word comes out, that’s what I always thought. If you know this answer feel free to comment. and wouldn’t be interesting if you could manipulate what npc’s say? :words:


Your friendly neighborhood Graaicko :zoid:

Yes, it is possible. hlfaceposer.exe (“Half Life 2/bin” folder) (Choreo editor in SDK)