Creation of a Gamemode Project

Hiya there,

My friend and I are planning on doing a project, which involves learning, developing, finishing and publishing a gamemode over the next 365 days. Making a blog, every day with updates etc on how it is going. We both know very very little about Lua, or server creation in total. What I want to know from you guys is first off:

  1. Does this sound like a good idea (if you cant be bothered responding feel free to give this post an agree or disagree)*

and if so

2) What type of gamemode should we work on.

Thank you,

Well at beginning it would be more funny than useful (i am talking about that blog) but thats also good as long as experienced lua scripters could read that and laugh at stuff you are writing there :smiley:

Ok, now seriously. By the end it could contain some really useful information for newbies. Also i usually google when idk about some functions or other stuff. And if your blog would contain these things it could get nice traffic later while there are useful informations how you find some problem and then solve it.

I think overall it is good idea :slight_smile:

And i suggest you to do some interactive gamemode. Something fresh. When you choose some rich gamemode you will learn more things than you would learn if you choosed RP or any other “focused” gamemode. Something that brings new gameplay and don’t just modify that existing one - “bend” and change gameplay due to some rules (like RP). Why? Because you will learn many things, you will use many functions and methods. Much more than you would use when you worked on “focused” gamemode like RP. Like if you do some mod that only modifies entities on map while you can spawn them, move them around map and do other funny and useful stuff that you wouldn’t know about if you were working on that focused mod (thats example, sure you will use really lot of functions but you could use even more of them. Now you will be experienced in few functions tht you used many times + some few that u uset several times. If you would work on something like i suggest you will know more functions, some of them you will use only few times but you will know about them and you will know how to use them and how useful they are. And i think thats better than (again example with entities) know perfectly all functions to change properties of entity while there are many functions to move them around map, spawn them etc. and you didn’t used these and don’t know about them nor how to use them and how useful they are).

Thats my opinion and i expect everyone to disagree with me :slight_smile: Lets click that disagree button pls :wink:

PS: If you are newbie to scripting and never did any programming before and you don’t know programming basics and algorythms, forget about everything i said so far and start with some very small project where you learn basics. You would loose your mind if you start with complex gamemode.

I’d like to join you guys, if your open for other people that is. I have skype/teamspeak/vent/mumble,
and i have a bit of coding experience. As in, i’ve gone through all the tutorials and edited them in my own way, and I know how to do DarkRP stuff. But i’m really interested in making a gamemode, and have a 36 slot server i’d put it up on if it was of quality when finished.

Scipheneo, If they say no I will make a gamemode with you :smiley: I really want to make one and I have finished all the lua tutorials on the gmod wiki. :slight_smile:

Anyone who’s interested add me on steam: scipherneo

Sure, go for it. Documenting your progress is always a good thing, because that way you can later go back and see what you did wrong and what you’d do differently. It would also be helpful for newbies that are trying to get into Lua, as they could see what it takes to make a gamemode from scratch with no experience.

Good luck.