Creation Roleplay Serious HL2RP Server!

[release]Hey there! I just started a new serious HL2RP server with the CreationRP community!
Go ahead and visit our forums on for more information![/release]

[release] Current Staff:
Owner: TechieGee
Coder: Devul
Co-owner: Hazard

[release] Server Rules:

  1. Do not minge; we’re a serious RP server.
  2. Respect other players and the administration.
  3. No ‘Rambo’ characters; role-play realistically.
  4. For more detailed rules ask in-game.

[release] Server Information:
Slots: 18 (If/when we get popular this can be boosted.)

[release] Add me on steam if you have any questions or need help!
Steam Name: techiegee

Oh look, ANOTHER Hl2 RP.

its probably gonna fail because no one likes to play serious hl2 rps, it just ends up being way to tedious and boring where everyone with the slightest hint of power abuses it to the max

Exactly what I thought when I saw this thread.

To OP. Listen, there are a LOT of HL2RP servers already, the theme is overused and most of people are sick of it. If you want to host a serious RP server, go pick something else. Maybe Fallout 2 RP? Or something post-apoc? Come on, pick from what hasn’t been used yet, be original, and people WILL play at your server. As long as the execution is well done.

There’s the problem of finding a good script.

When I saw the thread title I thought this was going to be about the old Creation Roleplay that did RLRP.

just another fail hl2rp server.

Just another fail comment posted by a fail troll.

holy shit someone criticized my server obviously a troll
but yes please get a new script for something other than hl2rp

If you’d bother to read…
And that guy came on the DarkRP server and trolled. He’s just an idiot.
And one is unable to criticize a server they’ve never been on. Besides, I doubt he has the mental capacity to seriously roleplay anyway.

Don’t Judge a server when you aint been on it yet.

Hey not to be mean or anything but can u help me setup a hl2rp server cus i mean i really want to host one not to be competitive and my server system is always populated so.

But you will be a competitor as long as your HL2RP server is up.

Nobody does anything nowadays except HL2RP’s and DarkRP’s, it’s just sad. They try to change it up with small differences, but they all end up the same in the end.

^ Provide me with a decent, free script. As far as I’m concerned, Kuro’s other schemas are terrible, with the exception of Severance and only because I’ve never played it. And other scripts are hard to come by, or cost even more money. Show me a free, good framework/script or even a leak and I’ll be happen to attempt to change.

just because someone is saying something you disagree with doesn’t make them a troll

yes it does what are you a troll

Read the posts instead of contradicting me and insulting me. He came on our server and trolled and minged constantly. We gave him several chances before permanently banning him. Therefor, he is indeed a troll.

He tech sorry we got off on a wrong start can you please add me back so we can talk.

Yeah guys! You talk shit about this server, but you also can’t encourage the server or say it might be worth looking into because you haven’t been on it!