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A lot of weapons for sale and pointless jobs? Your server is no different than the other thousands of rp servers.

I played on that server a bunch of times, it’s overally bad and the admin are always abusing

Why even call it serious roleplay? That term means nothing nowadays.

Yet another Dark RP…

I get really mad when people have “Serious DarkRP” in their server name.

It’s Dark RP. There is nothing serious to it.

There is serious role-play. Just not on Dark RP. Try HL2RP or any other various themes. Severence, TacoScript. They are all fun, and you actually develop a character.

lol i want on my ping was 850. :3

Eh, wasn’t there an entirely unrelated Creation RP community not too long ago?

Also some of the names of those jobs are entirely retarded. Police mayor? Really?

Basically a mayor with a default loadout full of weapons.

The Mayor Police Is A Mistake it should Be Jobs.
POLICE - Defaults

I will agree that darkrp aint serious ill change it to semi serious.

Goddamn, no. Change it to DarkDM and then hold a deathmatch server, DarkRP is better for that. Just get a money drop on death and you can hold the perfect DM.

I liked the POLICE MAYOR job better, you could tell people would be queuing up for hours to become the legendary POLICE MAYOR.

Why do you let people pay for admin? That’s what gets people to hate DarkRP, mingy rule breaking admins.


Worst fucking server ever.

all admins have 100 mil $ and they spawn weapons for each other and RDM / abuse.

I just joined like 10 mins ago and got 100k instantly with there stupid money printer system.

lol idiots.

then while im farming one of the admins with faphack came up to my door and said “where going to search ur house”… Random warrant much? then i hide in my bathroom while the abusing admin spawns a lockpick for himself then lockpicks my door then barges in then with his wallhacks shoots me through the wall. Then comes in and takes all my printers and guns. THEN i get perma banned.

This is the worst fucking server ever do NOT join or support this fucking horrible server.

The only TacoScript I’m able to find is Taconbanana these days.

We Have Demoted 60% Of Our Admins In The Past Day Due To Abusing! We Currently Aware Of the Situation.
Here Is The New HUD & Lock System.

This Week Updates:
Economy System
PERP Door System - Buy Houses From NPC

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Hi, I’m interested in becoming a admin. I’ve roleplayed in gmod for a while now, on servers like starship troopers, TnB, perp 1 2 and 3, fallout and post apoc, and some others i cant remember. And how can i win a MC server?

sorry the minecraft competition has already been won.


Which admin?