Creation Serious Urban Roleplay [Garrys Mod]


Welcome To Creation Serious Roleplay I Would like to thank Nitrous Networks and NeonServers for helping us make this amazing community.

Here How CRP Started:
I Got banned from ByB3 (Got Pissed Off) I thoug i could make my own server just to see I Though it would not be popular at start i started with a 12 slot server soon it started getting full. Garry was playing and offerd us free webhosting we accepted the offer and here we are. Server was full all the time so i upgraded to a 18 slot. CRP Then merged with Blackwater (A RDMING Gang) and server got full and popular once again (Getting Tired of this ) So we upgraded to a 24 slots and here we are.

We Have 6 Supporter jobs and 2 extra printers for the supporters.

our website is
You Can find all details about the servers there and here is a video when the server was a 12 slot now its upgraded and has a little brother rp2

And it’s DarkRP?

Please post more information on your server, Thanks.


rp_downtown sucks.

You apparently can buy admin here too so no.

Isn’t one thread enough?

Yeah you can like shut this down. At least the real creationroleplay community has their priorities straight.

(User was banned for this post ("Threadshitting [JohnnyMo1]" - Asaratha))

Um… Isn’t there another creation server thats going up?

One that ISN’T using DarkRP?

Umm… What?

  1. Until Garry shows up in this thread and says it, I don’t believe it.
  2. You offer adminship for a price. You’re the cancer killing this community. Stop it or I will sodomize you with 372,844 pancakes.
  3. You don’t get banned for being pissed off, you get banned for being a minge.
  4. We’ve got over 9000 other shitty servers with the same story. Why choose you when we can get banned by another 8 year old somewhere else?
  5. Grammar is key.
  6. rp_downtown_v2. Seriously? Welcome to the Unoriginal Club. Your welcome gift is a single-slot revolver. Figure it out.
  7. Lol SMF. Because the Internet isn’t polluted with shitty software enough as it is.
  8. — Lol cPanel. Also, TLD’s make the business.
  9. Regardless of what you may hear, Gmod isn’t for everyone. If your voice is high pitched enough as to break glass while talking, you shouldn’t buy it.
  10. Thanks for reading this far. The train won’t be stopping. However, there is a nice gorge you may jump off into that we will be crossing momentarily. Thank you for riding FacePunch Trains. Please don’t come again.

So having cpanel and smf is a bad thing?

What’s so wrong with SMF?

cPanel is extremely limited in what it can do. It’s also ripe for brute force.
SMF is just awful. It has as many exploits as phpbb3 does, has a terrible styling system, constantly breaks after updating… I could go on for a while, but I don’t think you care to hear it.

cPanel is a standard for a lot of one-click webhosters who cater to people who don’t care to learn themselves. SMF is a free script used by people who don’t know the difference in good software. By seeing what software is used, and how it’s implemented, you can easily tell the type of person running it.

This isn’t some end-all decision, though. Some good communities use these two. I added them in my list because they (especially SMF) show that the admin hasn’t put too much time into it.

I can’t speak for the server too much, though. It may be better than it sounds. This is just my opinion.

SMF is a good forum software if you want a free one. If you’re doing it right, you won’t get exploited to fuck. Are you just another of those “hey guys vbulletin best” guys who thinks everyone has what, 150 bucks to spare for a license?

SMF is easily hackable if you’re a hacker worth your salt. There aren’t many in the Gmod community, though; only skiddies.

If you really have no money, I would say go for either MyBB or SMF. While SMF does suck, among free options it’s alright. vBulletin is a load of shit. It’s secure, but it sucks. If you’ve got money, go with Invision Power Board. It’s by far the best forum software on the market.