Creator Tool

Hello, I was wondering how to simply block the “Creator Tool” on Garrys Mod(Specifically DarkRP).

I do not want to


Please help. There is no option to block it. I want to keep it for our admins but not for regular users. If anyone has a solve or fix that’s not one of the pictures above please help.

My server uses ULX and ULIB. Runs on DarkRP 2.5.0


I believe you can block it with FPP.

No There is no possible way. I’ve already tried looking for it. I don’t know why its not in there but its not.

Couldn’t you just go inside of the creator tool and add this?

	if ( SERVER && type == 1 && self:GetOwner():IsAdmin()) then
		Spawn_Vehicle( self:GetOwner(), name, trace )

I think Creator is more recent than FPP?

It’s just a tool: block it wherever you block tools in FPP. I’m fairly certain the tool is just called ‘creator’, and you can check by typing gmod_tool in console while you have it equipped.