Creature stalking its prey.

This one actually looks pretty good. But is that a reflection?


It would look good if that Creature or whatever wasn’t posed so odd and if that ‘rain’ filter wasn’t, well, shitty.

Editing isn’t that good and i still think your poses aren’t doing well.

Also is that filter actually rain?

I like the atmosphere of the picture along with the posing. But the shoddy rain pretty much kills the entire picture.

Wow the camera angle is so shockingly bad. Actually it’s worryingly like a picture of Deathbucket’s, only with some sort of Slenderman-style dude instead of a hunter.

The creature actually looks really badass, but the camera angle and the horrible rain that looks like a Combine stasis field ruin the picture.

The Rain is shit but everything else is just. . . Fear57 :smug:

Woah, thats rain? I thought it was a reflection.
Need to work on the rain editing dude.

Creature is posed perfectly. Everything else is super messy.

the rain (I suppose it is rain) ruins the whole picture, get rid of it and its fine

Kill that rain! Please!

The rest is superb.


Whoa there is not rain, and it wasnt a reflection.
Crop the right side of the image, that gray void is kinda ugly.

Would’ve been much better with a fuller view of the dude.

I swear, I’ve seen a picture very similar to this one before. I think it was Louis in front of the camera though.

It was a pic by DeathBucket, it was a hunter and louis.
But DB’s was fucking dark.

Now that the rain is gone, it looks better.

“I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.”

I don’t see no rain,only noise filter, what are you guys talking about?

He edited it.

Looks great now Fear.

That gun looks like a toy

It’s a lot better now without the rain, but it’s still a shame that the character is cut off so much. Keep working at your camera angles - you’ll get it eventually.