Credit Card Prop/Swep

This is for this Lua Script I requested:
With the swep, I just need a hand holding a credit card, or just have no hands at all. Whatever feels like a challenge.
With the prop, make it small, it’s not like credit cards are huge right?
It’d be nice if this texture was used on the prop:

I second this. I currently need a credit card model.

-snip ill try again later

Download wire, this addon have a Wire-ish Credit card:niggly:

Wire is overrated.
It’s for HL2RP. Not DarkRP (MingebagRP)

This would be a good idea. need more small props for gmod. I might have a go at the prop

Has anyone done this?

It’s an effect since it’s so small.

Why is it there, instead of

Because I made it and I can upload it wherever the hell I want.

NEIN NEIN NEIN! or it didn’t happen.

It did happen and you cannot change it!

I know it happened I made it happen.