Creo - Manage your addons/gamemodes


You own a server and everyone asks for certain addons, but you simply don’t have the time to get them! You have to download them with SVN, move them to the correct places, and it doesn’t seem like much, but after a while it gets really tiring. The same thing with gamemodes.

Enter Creo

Creo will make managing your gamemodes and addons much easier. Instead of finding the SVN, or getting it from, a large repository of addons and gamemodes are compiled into lists and all you have to do is hit “Install.” Pretty simple right?

What is it compatible with?

As of now, it is only compatible with Linux. Windows compatibility will come soon.

Can I be a beta tester?!?!?

PM me if you do.



Please, suggest addons or gamemodes you would like to see in the repository! Thanks!

The screenshot is very informative

Damn straight.