Crescendo Event

I have no idea how one plays the guitar.

Bill doesn’t appreciate new music i suppose.

Epic tank finger posing, if I may say.

I just noticed how tiny his fingers look.

Is Francis flipping us off! :psyboom:

I loled at Zoey

The only thing I didn’t like was the hunter’s pose.

Rest was great :smiley:


I statued that mother fucker and he kept flipping all over the place and shit. It was kind of eerie actually.

The Witch is about to flash her tits btw.


lol @ Zoey and Witch

I like Francis’s posing the best idk why, he seems more of the rock type :stuck_out_tongue:

Francis is just rockin’ the fuck out, while Louis has a bit more soul to his playing.


Oh yes I dig.

The witch flashing her tits? Good grief:) Is the hunter doing a stage dive?
Love it all. Nice work.

^ A backwards stage diver! :dance:

Ok give Francis a mohawk and he’ll be set.
Give Louis an afro, frilly tie-die clothes, a headband, boots, and a righty white strat strung upside down.

I still think Francis looks kinda like James Hetfield.

Luis looked like he jizzed himself. I would love to hear that riff!