Thanks Valve Batch Compile Tool for that wonderful example of how not to create mountains

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What’s wrong with it?

The entire thing is made of brushes (not even func_detailed). Triangle shaped brushes

Wyha- Why would you even consider doing this???

This was legit way to make terrain in HL1

That sounds absolutely horrible. I already struggle with displacements

There are no displacements in HL1, and those who could create realistic awesome terrains were absolute magicans. In fact, in HL2 WC map pack, you can still find some entirely brush based ravine map.

There actually existed a tool which converted a heightmap to similar kind of brush terrain, probably was used for this too.

Don’t exactly know why this merited its own thread…

I did this in gtkradiant too very long ago, with a grayscale bitmap or something, its just a very old system and in source you are better off using displacements :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait I don’t get it.
Batch Compile Tool is changing displacements into solid brushes or what?

Its an example vmf included