CrimeRP - Serious Mafia Themed RP

CrimeRP is a serious mafia-themed roleplay game server in Garry’s Mod.
There are several jobs like Neighboorhood Agent, Mobster, Bandit, First Aid Worker, etc.
We are trying to blow new life into DarkRP with this customsized version, trying to make it more serious.
No, this isn’t one of those unrealistic cheap DarkRP servers.

We roleplay in the server in the 70’s. Organised crime is still running but not like fourty years ago, it’s more underground.
Also more bandits seem to pop up in the city, mugging shops and doing auto theft.
The neighboorhood agents have they’re both hands in they’re hands trying to protect the pedestrians from these criminals.
The members of the local mob are doing crimes like racketeering, loansharking, loandering, etc.
At a certain point it’s newyears eve’ 1972. A new year starts, so thinks one of the local members of the mob.
A new year, a new oppertunity he always told himself. A new mafia boss was born.
Ofcourse, this “rat” broke the Omerta, the rules of the traditional mafia.
Because he backstabbed his boss, he started war against the other family.
Pedestrians screaming on the streets, bandits stealing car radios and cops firing gunshots.
This is CrimeRP, welcome to the jungle.


I.m.o the 50’s gangsters > then the 70’s gangster. o.O Looks like an interesting server, you have my join.

Thanks bro, i’m working on it atm so it’s offline for a second.

I noticed, it’s running [L]Sandbox


The server is up.


Looks pretty interesting, I like the poses!

Pretty different, pretty good.

Good luck!

I’d like to be the 70’s Al Capone,

Seems like a good idea.

Thanks guys.

Looks nice.

The only thing turning me off was DarkRP, and that’s just my unfound hate of it. I’d use something else, not just for me but for various other people.

Yeah well, it isn’t really DarkRP, it’s CrimeRP!

I had in mind to make a server like this crimeRP, will the server be up 24/7? i will try find it.

It’s not deticated at the moment, that is still going to be fixed.
I’ll put it up for you if you want to but not alot of guests who are usually there aren’t online atm.

Not online yet :frowning:

I’ll put it online right away, don’t expect alot of people.


It’s online.

no :frowning:

Fuck, wait a second I need to fix something, for a reason mobster isn’t working.

Dont , i dont want you anymore