Crimeware - Need Dev's

I am currently looking for a dev team for my project called Crimeware which is bassically a mod for garrys mod like rp, but with a twist. There will be 4 different factions (Gangsters, Militia, Mafia and the cops) and you can earn money buy getting payed by your boss, getting illegial objects and going through everyday life. I am hoping to make it as exciting as possible for example earning reps could make you get a higher job in your crime and even maybe unlock certian things.

If you are intressted in helping make this mod come to life please post and i will be in contact with you.

We currently need:
Lua coders
A Server hoster

We might need:
Map builders
A website designer
Beta testers

If you are any of the above or generally intressted please contact me. THANK :smiley:

so its a you code map and model and even host my gamemode and i take the credit thread i see

I dont have clue what you are saying

His saying your most likely a credit whore who wants every one to do everything while you do shit and take the fame.

He means what are you going to contribute?
As i see you have no idea how to structure a team.

Are you kidding i will not do that. NEVER EVER! Sorry im not one of those people, besides i will be helping with the map building im just the guy with the idea, the person who will get the most credit is the person that does the most like it should be

Thats what i thought you were saying.

Do you know what go get a lesson in english and read the rest of the sentence

Do you know you can learn Lua yourself and won’t have to put up with all of this bullshit?

Besides looks like your other thread failed
Do you know that if one Thread Failed with the same name it wouldn’t be smart to make the same one again?

Ok right please please please just stop, im looking for a team of dev’s and if you arent intressted please dont post and btw i failed cause i put it on the wrong section so i changed it to hear, ok? now you dont want to join fine then shut go away to another post and let other people have their say.


oh please one spelling mistake dosent mean im dumb as


:smiley: But seriously, does anyone want to join?


Ahh gee get a alt now cause your fucked!

I said post if you are intressted so no more useless posting like: No

So it’s like… a copy of my idea which I thought of first (of course, it’s not like unique, but I thought about bringing the idea to GMod first, with the exception of DarkRP)?

Without knowing lua? “I has idea, code me gamemode” doesn’t work around here. Learn LUA, get some new ideas.

The joys of Facepunch, where all the elitists come to play.

People complain when the only gamemodes out are Roleplay, and yet, when someone has an idea they get treated like this. Who cares if he can’t do shit for the team, if the coder is smart enough they could always fuck him over IF he tries to take all the credit.

It’s only Lua for christ sake, get over yourselfs.

Trying to defend your idea which is similar to this one like a mother hen are we Fizzadar? It seems like the shoe is on the other head now, hmmm? Cough Gmod Tower ripoffs Cough

Note: Not trying to be a jackass here but I find it interesting how strongly gamemode devs defend their ideas…