Please delete this thread

That’s great. You’re the ideas guy right? The guy who doesn’t do anything. Honestly, you people disappoint me.

haha i am the ideas guy and acctually i am a map builder :slight_smile: although i will have to keep track of everything to :smiley:

Then why do you need another mapper? I think you could much easier get people to you with this if you showed some of your maps, just to show that you can actually do something.


Why do you even need modelers and skinners? Also, you should be the one providing a server.

Put it this way the mod will take long, we will have CUSTOM skins and CUSTOM models to add on to this why should i provide the server, we need a server hoster :P. And if i did the map on my own while keeping everything in order, checking how far we are, making sure we arent behind, finding more people, how on earth am i supposed to get a life !?!?!

Why custom models. Those seem like something that you could add later. Like when you have the game mode working.

You should provide the server because you are the one who wants to make this mod.

If this is just an RP type gamemode, can’t you just use an existing map?

It really isn’t that complicated to keep a small team together, as long as you aren’t creating useless positions. Aka, more then 1 mapper, skinners, and modelers… etc etc.

You don’t to keep finding more people.

You’re not supposed to have a life.


In the end, it seems like all you need is a lua coder. Who actually has no good reason to work for you in the first place.