Crimson Fists strike team camping behind a tank like noobs

huh, this actually turned out pretty okay

original, without the lamp layer:

consider this a teaser for the models, which will be released soonish but not soon

the power of editing is stronk

your work never ceases to amaze brother. excellent editing, scene has a lot of depth the smoke/fog really gives the scene some dimension. plus the lighting and your effects are really friggin good, and the posing/composition is dope.

holy fucking titus

awesome as always man

Awesome work!

Marvelous, I love the godrays on the top left. I guess a complaint I could muster is that if there is strong yellow lighting, wouldn’t the darkest shadows have a slightly purple touch to them?

I think this turned out pretty awesome than okay, man.

that’s actually a very good point. the original lamps were very pale yellow but the lighting ended up vivid orange-ish yellow after i added all the dust, so i probably should’ve recolored the shadows a bit too. i’ll try to remember that next time

lmao, dork marines hiding behind their metal box

11/10 amazing

Love it, lot’s of detail. That gun has orgasmic oomphff to it

my theory for successfully making a gut-punching gun effect: impressive but semi-realistic muzzle flash and lots and lots and lots of shells and smoke from the ejectors

Should’ve been the Imperial Fists…

Superb work!