Crimson Lance Infantry and Assassins

Crimson Lance Infantry and Assassins from Borderlands pretty good.jpg stab.jpg of the huntersmall copy.jpg back.jpg[/t]
[t] tits.jpg[/t]
[t] SHIT.jpg[/t]
[t] and Assassin.jpg[/t]
Basically, they both have eight skingroups, which of four just change light colours, and are colourable, and the lance troopers have bodygrouped armor pieces and backpacks. The swords have skingroups for various glow colours, too button1.jpg button2.jpg

Robot women hacked together from various models from blr

[t] romance.jpg[/t]

All of the models have three skingroups and various bodygroups, the jacket one and tactical one have three different pants bodygroups and the tactical one has two upper body bodygroups.

He delivers.

Neat, though a bit cartoony to be used in regular poses.

Maybe TF2 poses? They could be added into those.

-snip, problem solved-

update the page


Robot porn coming in

Nice to see these released, good work!
It was fun testing 'em, the bonus is also pretty cool!

Damn, I did some screenies man, but I never had time to post em.

then just post them, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t do them before the release or whatnot

Faptastic release broyo.

The motorboat feature works like a charm.

Great work, Ninja. :smiley:

Hell yes.

Awesome release!!!

Btw where are those guns in the last screens from?

Outstanding job; thank you for your time and effort on these truly a work of art.

Didn’t do auscam skingroup 0/10 would not download

Nice job with these ^^, love borderlands.

Loved them, especially Roboobs.

Oh my GOD I love when people release something with and awesome AWESOME bonus

I’m so extremely confused. Were the male robot’s released ever? I can’t find them.