Crimson Lance Playermodel - Are Posting Playermodels still allowed?

I’m kind of unsure about it, as I looked through a few pages, and not one was a playermodel. Anyway a Crimson Lance Playermodel.[/t]

Playercolor Support
Firstperson Arms
Borderlands-esque lightwarp
Black outline/cellshading for both Firstperson Arms and Playermodel


It has one bug, it involves the unified viewmodel and the Physgun. Not sure why it breaks with it, as it works fine with everything else, even with the gravgun. If anyone tells me how to fix this, I’ll be grateful. As it seems to be a random problem, it effects some models but not others.

It looks just like it does in borderlands two, GG All you got to do now is just make the Terran Aka floor and walls look like borderlands shit and its Legit ! ;D

That was my goal. I was tired of seeing Borderlands stuff on the workshop that didn’t have the Borderlands look/feel.

What’s exactly your issue with the Physgun? I remember having this issue when I tried to skip making a c_model and just used SWEP.UseHands on a v_model.

The issue is the model breaks. Some nice polygons render on the top right, or take up the full screen, depending on the playermodel. Some unified viewmodel arms don’t have this problem, while others have it severely. I was told by friends who also do models/porting, that this issue is actually with the Physgun animations, and that it was something I couldn’t fix.

I thought the physgun contained the same animations as the grav gun. I’ll decompile it and see if I can’t find the issue.

I would really hope so as it’s just a reskin of the gravgun. But something leads me to believe it’s not, as well, if it were true, it’d break with the gravgun as well.

Looks awesome, I love that you kept the Borderlands look and feel. Keep up the good work!

Models look great, would go good in a gamemode. My only problem is how they have a black border and I’m wondering if that would affect them if you looked at it from another angle as 3D things like someones clothing can’t really have borders other than where the model ends.

The border doesn’t mess up the model if that’s what you’re asking. Looks fine no matter the distance and angle.

That looks cool as shit, do you plan to work on any other Borderlands models?

Its Perfect I Love IT <3

Sadly, someone already beat me to other ones, and last thing I need is people calling theif.

How if you port it yourself then you’re not stealing shit and or, Thats bullshit since alot of people copy what others do alot.

Apparently if you port the same character, and someone does it first, even if you did it better, it’s still stealing to the other person. It happened three times with addons I did, even though one of them I actually uploaded first, so I try to avoid whenever possible.

Just do it anyways, seriously. This is way better than those existing models on the workshop.


And I fucking love Borderlands too.

I just wanted to say thanks for uploading it off of the workshop as well.
I still hate that thing.

You my good man, are an artist. This is a wonderful model. You have great potential

If other Borderlands player models exist, could I have a link?

Here are some B2 Player Models