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Looking for a fresh start? Join us at Crimson.Sunset.


My name is Seldrath and I’m the admin for a 100-slot Rust server hosted in Dallas, TX. We are looking for active players to come try us out and be part of our community. We have been online for 3 days and there’s plenty of room for new players to come build and play around.


  • Player vs. Player is enabled.
  • Sleeper is enabled.
  • Instant Craft is enabled.
  • Random Airdrops


-Please be aware of the PVP nature of the server. You will, at some point, get killed, looted and/or, raided.

-Please be respectful in game chat. It goes a long way to build a better community.

-Griefing buildings to block players in (putting pillars, walls or any other element to purposely block a player in) is frowned upon, and if enough evidence is given, could result in a ban from server.

Please post here if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Hope to see you around,


P.S: Be aware, the Rust game has been under constant attack and servers are unstable. Connection issues are intermittently showing up and will affect your gameplay. There’s not much I can do as admin, but wait for a fix. Be patient and understand the situation.

Bump for more players. 75 players online. Having fun :slight_smile:

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Great response! We are almost at full capacity with 92 players on! Lots of fun!

On a side note, my base just got raided. :frowning:

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Bump. Server was reset 7th of Jan.
Need new players!