Crimson Viper

I already have the Cammy model, wich is awesome for posing btw, but id like to see my favourite SFIV char in gmod as well… C.Viper.
is there anyone who could do this?

Edit: I base my request on the cammy model, wich seams pretty similar with the one in-game, wich leads me to the conclusion of it possibly being ported. This is why i’m asking if the same thing is possible to do with other SFIV models. (im sure some other folks would like to see some street fighter characters in here)

Two threads for the same request. With the same title.

Too bad I forgot how to do ASCII facepalms…

the first one was posted in the wrong sub-forum, but with the Request marker (wich made it end up here).

im still a newbie here so i didnt know it was already here, wich i noticed after i posted the second one.

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in other news for the model:

Bump time

'nother bump

If you keep bumping, I highly doubt someone will do it.

you know, for once i agree with you. just gonna give this thread cancer and let it die slowly, borrow SFIV from a friend, TRY to rip, rig and port the model to gmod. probably turn out like shit, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.