Crippling lag on joining Rust server or respawning.

Hi all,

Been playing Rust fine since downloading it over a month ago. Have intermittently had this issue but since last Thursday’s update (and the numerous small updates since then) it happens all the time.

Basically the game just timing out and breaking my entire internet connection whenever I try to connect to a server. I’ve read around and made all sorts of adjustments to my router (an ASUS RT-N66U), reduced bandwidth on steam, reduced the number of pings per second, etc. etc. but still have the same issue. About 1/10 connects it works fine, but the rest of the time it just hangs. I get in the game and am sleeping, but pressing a key does nothing… wait about 2 minutes and I’ll finally get up but nothing will work - doors won’t open, animals are stationary, boxes won’t open, etc. and I can’t interact with anything.

Tab out, and my net connection is completely dead - won’t do anything at all. Close Rust and the problem goes away. Everywhere I’ve read points to the server browser being the problem, but no other Steam game I have ever played that uses the server browser exhibits the same problem.

Is this a bug others are experiencing, and if so can it be fixed? Hell, just give the option to disable the server browser if that’s what causes the issue. I can always connect to a server through the console.



Anybody? Everywhere I go the answer is “ping flood - get a new router” but I can sit on the server list and refresh repeatedly at max rate without any issues whatsoever. It’s only when I actually join a server that the whole thing dies.

Thanks to anyone who can offer any insights, or any developer who can fix the issue.