Crisp SWEP

So we’ve got the crisps model, and now I’m here to release the crisps SWEP!

Eeh… right, so what can it do?
Well first of all, YOU CAN EAT IT AND GAIN 50 HP :smiley:
Second of all YOU CAN HIT PEOPLE WITH IT :smiley:
Third of all YOU CAN THROW IT AT PEOPLE :smiley: (takes a lot of HP from person thrown at)
And last but not least, YOU CAN EAT THE CRISPS THAT YOU THREW :smiley:

Aii cool, so where should I put this folder?

In the addons folder.

Right, I’m in game, now?
Urgh… press the SWEP tab on the top and search for: Paprika Crisp under the crisps.

Will there be more models and more effects?

Ze link please?

Video (Thanks Corvus for this video):

Code - Kriller
Models - Rago
Sounds - Rago

Enjoy :wink:

I hope those errors in the video are gone.

What errors?

The errors at 0:24, 0:52 and 1:20.

Oh, I don’t have them, don’t know why he has them :confused:

Hey, i’m the coder, i just wanna say that if you have any suggestions for SWEPs, SENTs or something, please mail one of us and we will see what we can do.

My mail:
Rago’s mail:

Or… you can just post it here.

Lovely SWEP, Efective killing combines with melee AND shooting the crisps at their face xD
“Oh You want the crisps?” shoots the crisps at a combine’s face

About the errors, I had none :S

Thank you for confirming that :slight_smile:

i think the errors are from the shotgun thing

I was expecting a tube of prongles (yes prongles, by shibbey) with chips you could throw at people and eat when they landed.

Zat is a good idea

Go for it? Have you played SMod? Have it be like the soybeans weapon.

I’ll go for it

I don’t get why we North Americans say chips instead of crisps. I mean, doesn’t crisp make a lot more sense?

In Holland we say Chips :C

Because a chip is a piece of something. And a potato chip is a piece of a potato. Understand now?

This looks fun :b

First time in my life I’ve seen “:p” done as “:b”. This is a historic event for me. What’s next? Perhaps “d:”? And then what?

Frenching emoticons.


This is kind of the same standard swep like others. I like the model but the swep is not PRACTICAL.