*Critical* Admin Players Panel <Server Admin addition>

I would like for the developers to add this is as a critical function:

A list window that shows all players
Steam Account #, Player Name, IP address, Location on Map

Would include functions:
-Teleport Admin to Player
-Teleport Player to Admin
-Kick Player by Steam Account
-Ban Player by Steam Account with Timer (10 mins - 15 days)
-*Permanent Ban (Maybe)
-Spectate (you see everything like that player)
-*Confiscate (remove all items on player)
-View Inventory

** items are the ones I’m hesitant to list but feel is appropriate for a responsible admin*

I would also, as posted under another topic:

Like to see a Steam Server Player Based Voting System.
-Allow players with 6 or more hours to rate a server on a -5 to +5 scale
-Allow only players who have played on a server to Rate it
-Have a weighted measure to prevent newbies from outweighing longtime players.

2nd Addition:

Admin Ticket system: allow players to report things in game that an admin can review later.

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As i will moderat a server all this is needed since there is a lot of cheater and … a** h***

I like the idea. This should be included very soon !

No way. What player would join a community server if they knew an admin could do all of that to them?? The general populace already think admins are god-complex power abusers. (I post this as a server admin)

What do you mean? Theres not really any commands that gives the admin an unfair advantadge.
The only thing I see theres a reason to QQ over is the confiscating which is so easily abused.
Other than that those commands can’t harm you and WON’T harm you unless you’re:

  1. A Hacker
  2. A complete ass’
  3. Really unlucky and theres a 12 year old that was given rights.

So if you’re not a hacker, and you’re not an ass what are the odds for joining a server where a 12 y/o
decides to ban you, you out of everyone?

More and more servers are coming up, Many of them have mature owners/admins hanging around ingame, especially the ones I play on. If you don’t like the way the admin treats you, try to talk to the owner, or just find another server.

While I agree that all of these things are important at some point along the way, I think that there are many things that have priority for now.

Things like ingame content, things like private/clan servers with passwords, things like access rights and permissions for doors and chests. Pretty much all of your points are ease of use things and are already doable.

Yes sure they take time and are a pain right now but its still alpha. It wouldn’t make sense imo to make a panel or something just to make these things easier, invest time into it even though the game itself might still change a big deal and in the end the whole thing will have to be redone once more once we see it all evolve.

cool even more admin abuse but would be nice for servers that don’t have it.

I am a server admin and I don’t want all these additional options! Specifically, the part that is suggesting an admin knows the location of all players, can teleport them around the map, delete their items and spectate from their POV. It’s just too uber and easy to abuse, you can basically know where everyone’s base is and see if they are in it or not.

The commands at the moment are fine, I would like to see them implemented in a user friendly way for instance i’d be happy with being able to press the up arrow in the console to scroll through previous commands.

sorry but i disagree. as a Owner i would like it. even moreso for one’s who break rules set by server owners. i run a friendly community. & i can’t tell you how painful it is to find someone hacking with the duping. i’m sorry but you seem like admin type who wants to just let hackers run rampant…


added two items to the bottom of the original post

Spectate would be amazing for checking out reports of hacking.

The biggest thing (for me) is a list of players and characters displayed correctly. The Steam overlay list is unreliable. It’s a pain to kick and ban players with certain characters in their name.

good thinks!!!

Thank you.


One more time on the circuit.

I would like to recognise the 3rd party mod people who take time and make our experiences better.

To those who don’t agree with this because an admin could abuse it, I can already do pretty much all of this through RCon commands, mods, tweaking the configuration files, or removing player data. If an admin abuses the power he has, go join a different server! It’s his server and his rules so if you don’t like you can join one of the other 4k+ servers, lol.

Amen Brother.

You can already teleport to players, teleport them to others or yourself, and do this while wearing invisible armor. That lets you track their locations already. It’s the admin’s server so they should have control over it. Sure, some will abuse but you can join another. You’re not forced to stay on one server.

Allow Amin to remove a players inventory? wtf? I’m Admin and can see right away how some admin would abuse this.

What games out there allow this? I’ve not played any and I wouldn’t. Some of the things you are asking for are already possible with mods. (banning, kicking, teleporting to players, players to you)

Seeing where another player is on the map, their exact location, their inventory, taking their stuff…all bad ideas. As an Admin I would never do these things on my server.

Its one thing to say…well if the player is hacking or cheating…but it wouldn’t stop there. You’d have tons of butthole admins abusing these powers.

Why is everyone freaking out? This is a wonderful idea, and has been long needed. VAC isn’t, and wont catch everything. They have said, so far, that they have only gotten like 1,000 people banned (It’s a big number, but there’s still at least three times that number of hackers out there, and its growing every day).
And people who are freaking out like “People will abuse this” or “I don’t like this, its too unfair”, well, your forgetting something. These type of features have been in over a hundred different games for years. (Examples: Minecraft, Source Engine Games, COD’s, Battlefields, etc.)
Also, There will be mature servers/admins out there, and will be fair. Like any other game, there will be power hungry servers that will die out (and you have to choose not to join them), and there will be fair servers out there, some large, some small.
And not everyone will get these features. Owners will, and maybe admins will, or maybe admins will get reduced features, and have some removed (like permaban, remove items, etc.).


Okay, what if they don’t add this feature, and more hackers come? Are you just going to let them run free on your server, doing what they do best?