Oh my… FACEPUNCH! 1 week u can’t fix THAT! WHY?!

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FACEPUNCH, nothing changed… Good work guys!

LOL. Be prepared to get flamed for poor attitude, which is probably deserved.

Next time, maybe lose the attitude, and make a video/guide to how to replicate this. The methods are important for the Dev team to learn about, so they can actually fix it.

Can’t, or won’t.

I think they have a lot of other things to do. this seems lower priority to me.

Welcome to alpha, where shit isn’t magically fixed in one week. Also, I’d like to see the games you’ve developed before you start laying out time-lines, dipshit.

CB’s got a point – you’ve got a shitty attitude.

This is fairly well documented already in a couple threads and in videos on youtube. It’s a pretty nasty violation of the build mechanics to bypass stability rules, I would think it’d be a high priority.

It’s also a relatively easy fix that could have sweeping bugs associated it. If I were in garry’s shoes I wouldn’t one-off this fix, but bundle it with other changes to the stability system. I am sure it is due for a revamp soon.

i understand it needs fixed but its not making the game unplayable. So no need to be upset about it. i think its kinda funny

The problem is that people is using this as skybridges to raid other houses.
I don’t see this as priority too, since you can use a lot of things for skybridges, solving this problem will not solve this “wrong” raiding method.

Jesus, already. Just build a stone/metal roof and leave the top floor of your base empty. Sure it’s annoying, but there’s ways to deal with it other than whining.

I wouldn’t know if it is a easy fix. It has nothing to do with stability, though (other than it being used to avoid invoking the stability effect), so I’m not sure why he’d bundle it with a revamp of it. If it could have sweeping bugs associated with it, better to get those out now, rather than later.

Give 30 mins, i’ll show u a video!

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Will works after 40 mins, i wanna to sleep, sry

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