*Critical Issue* . Need access logs and player list with steamid

As the title, apparently someone made cracks and they are widely used especially on China servers.
I understand this is a Valve Anti-Cheat(VAC) problem, but there should be something to deal with it.

So here’s the issue: At the moment, the UI & chat displays userIDs (changeable by users), but no steamIDs.
We encountered a problem with users using blank or duplicate-prone userIDs.
In those cases, we were unable to identify the user at all, thus we could NOT ban nor kick him.

Servers don’t seem to have access logs and there isn’t a command to fetch the player list (with steamIDs).

We are disappointed by the issue and would strongly suggest FacePunch to do something about it.
Thank you for reading.

Game doesn’t use VAC

Like most things anyone suggests in the forums, it’s already a known issue.

This is alpha, although server management can be frustrating to deal with right now, you just have to take it on the chin and deal with it, until they implement some logs/a list of players.