Criticize me - My First Street

Hello, I’m back for more help and making a good map, your information really helps, further more you all normally help me progress one step at a time so thanks :slight_smile:

Using ‘Chihuahua’ brilliant link and all your help in the old thread i decided to make something very simple, but this time it looks nice, that is in my opinion, but i want more criticism as that really helps me alot. This time i used more brushes to add detail and made use of all them textures, this is the very early stages. I’m basing it off lower Manhattan using photos and actual blueprints from a website, intern made this little apartment.

I also made the map less laggy.

This first picture is my first building from a couple of days ago.

This is my 3rd attempt, 2nd can be found on my old post ;). I used graffiti and decals to make the walls look less bland.

Being in New York, i want to make a river which ends the map, i can make the river, but how could i have the New York Skyline in the background.


Thanks alot, im liking mapping more than lua now.

Ignore the floating man, that’s VCmod lel

For your first attempt its not too bad.

I would try and add some better sunlight, and some door/window frames. The first screenshot is a bit weird looking, not sure it’s something you’d see walking down the street, try and spice it up a bit. Use concrete instead of brick?

If you need any advice or tips, feel free to add me on Steam. :slight_smile:

Looks awesome for a 3rd attempt. Try playing light light_environment. Google sky lists and use the skyboxes and the sun values to try to get a look you like.

The first picture is no longer my business I hated it, it was my first real try at hammer :wink: all the photos of the apartments is what I really want criticism for.

That’s a real huge improvement! Only thing I’d add is trim to the windows. (windows don’t go straight into walls!)

Also add a light_environment

The bottom windows; their size is irregular .

Building looks 10x better already, you applied those design principles really closely and it shows. That’s pro work minus some tiny stuff. Like Jaeger said, the height on the bottom-left windows seems to be off and concrete trims, like in your picture, would make them look even better (you can do those cheaply with overlays/props, if you have L4D and want to keep your brush limit low).

I would also experiment with different materials on the bottom floor, sides, and rear of the building to break it up and add contrast. A dark brick, concrete, or plaster facade on the bottom floor would spice it up. A grittier/dirtier/faded brick texture for the sides would work too - in NYC, a lot of buildings used to be adjacent without alleyways, but sometimes they’d be torn down to make parking lots. Then the ‘outline’ of the destroyed building would still be imprinted on the sides of the other buildings so you can still see the stairwell and other traces - that looks like what happened in your map, but that might be too much detail for a beginner :v:. History and urban planning in general is pretty advanced, but it goes a long way for realism.

Some AC vents, chimneys, graffiti, stains, etc, and a ‘dirtier’ brick texture would help those alleyways a lot. Billboards on the rooftop, or on the sides of tall, visible buildings are realistic & colorful, and so are faded old-timey brick sign decals that come with L4D2. A few stairwell windows, fake or real, would break up the upper levels.

Looking great so far!

You need to add some window frames, add light_envirnoment.
Your fire stairs are touching the doors and I’m fairly certain they are mostly located in the back alley.

Adding light_environment,various lights,fog can go a long way.


Windows are a tad large.

Cool work!

I know, I accidentally broke them before compleing they’re fixed now.

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Thank you, them photos you posted have given me a few ideas to make it less bear, just I really don’t know how I’m gonna make the upper floors accessible.

My idea is at the back in the alley is a stair cases to first floor with an access door, if you look to the far right you can see a set of Windows wich nobody owns, I might make it a stairwell :wink:

You could try the outside texture of the windows being an opaque window texture and the inside being clear, for ~privacy~. It somehow does help with optimisation of lighting inside your buildings, too.

Here’s an example of my buildings:

This is the outside. Seems plain, right? Seems like I just stuck a big brush block, a building texture on the side and all that jazz. Nice and flat, and simple.


Bitches can’t see me creepin’

Some more detail which you normally find on the streets would make it look a lot better, also you can add more realism to the roads by converting them into displacements and adding some vertical noise and curvature.

Main job is to get that building done, I learnt someone that I did wrong, and that’s the fact that apartment is facing the wrong way the entrance is on the back, so I plan on adding shops to the street level and building accesses in the alley behind.

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Explain wich Windows, the ground floor ones? Becuase I agree they are just the above ones are done to scale :wink:

So, i decided to start working on the surroundings as window frames is hard xD, so, i admit the texturing is awful at the moment, the gas station is just a design and the tunnel will lead you in to the main area, i also started to work on a underground subway take a look :wink:

I feel im starting to go down the road of rp_downtown, and i don’t like it, can some one tell me what i could do to make it more lively? oh and i added the light_environment but its not working will fix tomorrow. And the generator makes a noise as well :smiley:

I don’t have to criticize the gas station, BUT GOD DAMNIT I’M GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY.

I would personally make the pillars thinner and the roof thinner as well. Maybe could have it be two brushes and bend into a slight V shape?

The gas station roof itself needs to be thinner (good lord you could fire a battleship’s entire gun row into that and it wouldn’t make a dent) and add some frames around the windows. Maybe make them two windows instead of one big one.

Example of my shitty gas station:

Notice my wide windows as well? My door also has its own frame, And while my pillars are not traditionally in the center, they are thin, because they don’t need to be able to withstand a nuclear blast from 50 meters away. You could maybe add some lights under there, it’s not unusual but it’s not common either.

Also, you’ll want an entrance and exit to the gas station itself for cars. Right now they have to drive over a pavement lol. And your pumps are above the road, when they should actually be level with the ground the cars will be on, so as to allow them to be more accessible for the vehicles. I would maybe limit the raised platform to one per pump, if you like it, otherwise I would have them sit on the ground. You could always design it so that they have a platform but are level with the road, like a square within a square if you catch my drift.

Hehe, yea I do, it just I feel the map is looking cheap, and I don’t know why, it may just be the gas station hrmmmm.

Try using a blend of different textures.

On the subject of Gas Stations:

One I started a while ago, with thanks to Jukka for the Suncity Models and Textures.