Critique my WIP Female spy model.

I don’t know how to post images. Anyway, ignore the boots, they are supposed to be heels, and they way the legs enter the boots.

The face is still in progress, and yes she will have boobs.

This is my first time modeling, but critique me like no tomorrow.

wow, the lower body is TOO skinny.

Like…the legs? Or her waist?

Everything looks a bit too skinny.


Direct link


Ah thanks for the heads up. She’s really too skinny?


Anything else i need to fix?


The one on the left is the original spy, except skinnier, the one on the right is femspy, with cleavage.

Holy shit popsicle stick arms

It looks very cartoony, I like it.

Try to keep them with similar silhouethes with their original counterparts.

But the waist and hands need some serious buffing up.
The waist seems to be okay from the profile though.

The hands need buffing up?

Oh i didn’t mention. THIS IS NOT FOR AN INGAME PLAYABLE MODEL. This is for a future machinima.

I’ll fix the anorexic issues and get back to you guys with updates, and maybe a face.

Way too skinny limbs and waist, knees seem to bend inward, the way the arms meet the shoulders just looks really strange, and I can see some symmetry problems on the skirt (unless that’s just the render).

the arms look like shes starved to her bones.

I think you’re on par for a female spy. I think you should take a look at some of the female characters from the movie “The Incredibles” their design, in my opinion, is nearly the same as TF2.

I thought the exact same thing. The Incredibles and tf2 look pretty much the same. But the women in the Incredibles are sticks.

Ill fix her weight issues, her shoulders, her legs and everything mentioned. And the symmetry is just the render, i mirrored half her body, it HAS to be symmetrical. :smiley:

The difference is that the incredible females tend to go from thick to think when it comes to limbs, whereas your spy goes from bone thin, to a bit thicker

I kinda like how the arms are.
Reminds me of Lupin III.

Was kinda hoping for a spy girl who looks more like this:

Hands need to be longer and thicker.

I really would like to see a fem spy in a dress…just because you’re trying to match the art style dosen’t mean you have to give them almost the exact kind of outfit…

A dress seems far more fitting for a female spy in my opinion.

A dress would be nice, but its impractical.

A fast moving killing machine with a dress that can snag on anything? This model wont be playable, but ill play around with the dress idea.