Croc Aint Down with the Tank.

And Crocs Normals I need to tone down Jesus Christ

Tank will win without a doubt, And did you rate yourself :raise:

This shows just how huge that Croc model is, I like it! my only complaint is that Croc is is a bit too shiny like you said. have a funny face :buddy:

Im pretty sure croc is supposed to look wet, but tank would win. All hes gotta do is throw a baterang at his collar.


“I used the whole tube of lube on me,but i got one more for you!”

This would in deed be an epic fight, and with some city blocks destroyed in the process. Have a smiley.

Model? :smiley:

That’s a nice way of putting it.

The Tank will win, he has the bigger muscles.And also he has steroids, Croc just has lube.

cool nice humour :slight_smile: why they shiny though?