Croc eyeing up his cowering victim + bonus

The soldier unknowingly ventured into Killer Croc’s lair; a mistake which will cost him dearly.

Also, this is an update to a really old pic I did.

Zoey: “Hmmmmmmm, cake. I loooove ca-”

Look at that silly Infected on the left trying to squeeze through the bars, just to grab some cake.

Both were edited by TheManest. So credit to him once again. :smiley:

lol no replies, Bumpity bump!

The blue thing around KC’s neck (haven’t played AA yet, sorry) needs some more trimming.

Otherwise, epic win.

It doesn’t look like it’s made in gmod.

Nice style.

I think that’s about as foreboding as Waylon could possibly look.

Which has It down falls.

I dislike Manests editing style, to grungy, to much contrast and crowded.

It doesn’t fit every picture you make dude, which Is kinda a shame that you hand him everyone :confused:

I like the editing.

Doesn’t he know all he has to do is throw a Batarang?

Easiest enemy ever.

I understand what you mean, but I thought it suited the first pic; seen as they are in a sewer, speciifcally Crocs Lair. And I liked the look of the second pic too. Looked artsy.
Thanks for all the comments guys!

Damn that Croc looks good.

It works occasionally (it sort of works okay in the Killer Croc picture here) and better if toned down (like in that Bioshock picture) but yeah, most of time it is way too much. The contrast is mostly okay, but it looks like 90% of the editing is taking “colour balance” and picking a random colour, usually green, and whacking it right up to as high as will go, and then whacking the saturation up too.

The editing makes my fukin eyes hurt

Lol, this style isn’t everyones cup of tea.

Even tho you guys are trying to be helpful with constructive criticism you never seem to “help” But hey i rather make your eyes bleed from looking at my edits then to please you. Which I’m going to continue doing.

Read between the lines. We shouldn’t have to outline everything for you exactly. If someone says “the contrast is too much” you tone down the contrast, if someone says “colour balance is too green” you stop making it so green. I don’t see how we could be any more helpful.

Yeah, I think sadism is cool too you macho man you.

I like contrast. I like Green. I DO WHAT I WANT.




Oh and pretty much this, If you don’t like it then sorry you don’t like it.

Nobody messes with the Witch’s cake…

Dood manest, great edit style thingy w/e it is that you did in potatochop. :slight_smile:

Do more croc pics