Croc having his meal in the rain rudely interupted


Right click and view image to full-size that bitch.


awesome rain edit. the lighting is great as well.

Nice, I like the colors. The rain is a little too thick though.

The rain looks great, maybe a little thick but it’s good.
Really high res model too.

I think he looks to bright compared to the rest of the pic… unless the electric charge produces some heavy lights.

Rest of the pic is cool.

And a question… is Crocky finger posable?

Fully finger and faceposable.

great posing and edit =) but its me or i see a little pink in croc killer skin ?


Just the lighting I think.

The rain’s probably not helping him with the shock collar. :v:

It wears pants??? Since when did crocodiles learn shame??

Good work.

Maybe he’s in a mental asylum not because he eats people but because animals shouldn’t wear people clothes.

Is this really dead already? I am disappoint.

The awesomeness of the picture killed the thread

I lol’d. Have a funny.

Not sure that’s what I was going for, but thanks.

I just saw electricity and I thought he was being shocked.

He is… that’s why his meal is being interrupted.

And I thought it was hilarious.