Crocodile attacked in a city by 'ze military!

“It’s been hit, IT’S GOING DOWN!”


… I’ll say it again, explosions are hard :ohdear:

Special thanks to oogaboogaman!

Why two separate threads?

… different picture… The other was also 4 hours ago.

Epic :smiley:

The explosion looks really pasted on, it doesnt blend with the picture at all.
Maybe if it was made out of carton…

And way to much crap in the picture, it’s too surreal.
Smoke looks bad too, and the explosion isn’t giving away any light at all…
You should really work a lot more on your explosions before you post them again…

And is the explosion doing like… the opposite of what it would normally do? Instead of casting light, it is absorbing the light, thus making the edges of the picture dark!
Yes that makes so much sense! :smiley:

The same comment as I left in the other thread really, but without the camera angle comment. For someone who crusaded against pasting stuff onto images, the smoke on these last two pictures looks really pasted on.

Filter->render-> clouds and then i messed around with a few layers, liquify and lighting on them i didn’t paste the smoke. the explosion is pasted because i can’t do them for shit :smiley:

Thanks guys

You should work on it more before posting more pics. It doesn’t look good at all… Maybe you should go back to pasting on pics of real smoke