Croft Manor



I’d respect nice constructive comments, thank you. DALE & JONNY.

YES. Oh man, this is gonna be awesome!

In constructive criticism, not bad for a start. This could be the beginning of a whole slew of Lara Croft poses.

Looks pretty fucking sexy so far.

We don’t really have an mansions or manors so i’d be nice to see one.

You’ve made a good point Mr Madman, we have very few mansion maps indeed, with the exception of the ruined mansion from Counter-Strike: Source.


Just put a bunch of fucking boxes everywhere like in the first Tomb Raider.

Turn down the lightmaps for a more realistic shadow.

Brush work is amazing but the true test comes when you have to texture it all. Good luck finding decent textures.

In Ajacks’ useful texture pack there are good marble textures, that would be perfect for a map like this.

This is really incredible so far. However, it may be just me but the stairs look just a bit too steep. Other than that, it is great.

Wow, really nice! I was just playing Tomb Raider a few hours ago! TR2 was actually one of my very first game, I would sit down with my family and watch my Dad play it on a Sunday afternoon eating potato waffles. Those were the days…

Really nice.

You should use propper on some of those things. Like the railings, for instance. It seems like this map could really make the brush limit cringe.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Anyone know whats causing this?! It only happens in ‘dark’ areas- I have made the whole foyer in darkness so you can see the problem on a grand scale. :ninja:

IS it the “tomb raider: legend” mansion?

This darkness looks a problem…

Take a ingame screenshot with wireframe on so we see where this darkness problem is.

Yes. It’s the Legend/Anniversary/Underworld manor.

I’ll get an in-game ‘wireframe’ screenshot asap.


Is this what you wanted ?


^ An example to show how it ‘sort of’ goes away with light. I don’t get it!


Maybe do mat_fullbright 2 and see if the fault is on the actual lightmaps?

Post a compile log.