| EU | New Server | 5.2.2014 | Active Admins | Oxide | No C4 craft | Airdrop

Welcome to [EU] server, you can join to our server and have fun.


We made CroHQ server because there were too many servers where Admins abuse their powers or no admin online. We plan to have Active admins and most of time friendly people on server.

We plan to make server bigger and bigger.

-Friendly server
-Custom Craft
-Custom, slow progression loot tables
-Arena(in building)
-Destroy your object with 2 hit pickaxe and get your resource back.
-Economy and Market
-Stats and Ranking
-Airdrop on 4+ player every 1 hour.

-Soon our own forum.

Server info:

Server name: Multiplay :: [EU] | PVP | Airdrops | Loot | Friendly |
Server IP:

How to join:
Open console and type “net.connect”

Bump, everyones welcome.

bump and edited first post. Thanks for reading.

Nice server…true progression. You actually have to work to get stuff…

Come, join us… :rock:

Bump, we have about 15-20 active members, just started to be fun…

Such raids, so rust, much wow…

Oh, and i’ve opened a pub :smiley:

Wiped 23.2, reason fixed some buged plugins, fair play for everyone. Airdrop every 5 hours with 5+ players…

Bump… Forum started: