Cross Fire. [Well.. To be honest, this picture is dynamic edit practice.]

someone should make “Generic” Icon.

Isolating looks wonky

Release 'dem modelz or I shall haet u!

Yeaaah, would be generic for me BUT the minigun is awesome! IMO, of course.

Whats wrong with the eyes of the guy on the right.
Someone painted them red

maybe his eyes are blood-shot by muzzle flash. :slight_smile:

He’s high?


Another quality shooter that made it into my country after Point Blank.

On-topic: Picture’s good, everything is just fine.
When I read the title, I thought it’s going to be original models and guns from the game.

The lighting, muzzle flashes and posing all look great.

Not too sure about all the smoke though.

Cross Fire, Point Blank. Both games were made in my country lol

Not to mention Drift City.
How about WarRock?

yeah warrock too, but drift city is serviced as Ciry Racer.

I love it. Their face look retarded tho.


Where to get the SCAR-H?

Blooco’s misc model pack, but I can’t search it now sry. ;(

I like how the dude carrying the minigun has bloodshot eyes from all the 'roids he’s taken to be able to carry and fire that thing, nice attention to detail

Also, ddok, one more thing.
Heard of Crazy Kart?

yeah. some kart racing game lol

so, this character is that the pack’s too ?
(i like those Models