Cross Fire. [Well.. To be honest, this picture is dynamic edit practice.]

what yo mean?

Guy on the left doesn’t really look like he’s looking where he’s shooting.

they r eye un-posable :((

it means you still do the same shit and tease us with the same models over and over

He doesn’t release anything.

he does, but its always shit rigged and never bothers to fix it

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and then ddok sucks his dick and gets the models and then makes 45945949 pictures of the same thign with the same models

I’m just happy that this one doesn’t include the MoH Beard Man

Fine. $30 if you make a screenshot with no military in them.

The guy on the left looks like he just saw something really disturbing on his rifle.

Yeah two guys shooting.

What else is new around here.

Dude on the right reminds me of me.

Damn, son. This looks like shit!

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No offense, their faces are fucking horrible.

awesome. I’ll make none military posing than. hehe

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no we ported together

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that’s why I barely release them. if we release ragdolls, they r fucking complain about little problem.

AHHh shit, You are always expressed envy, why don’t you wait for a better release?

Until when?

The dude on the right looks too relaxed like he’s going for a walk, needs to spread his legs i think? I like the machine gun edit, very detailed dude

i swear to god, in the next few hours a moh picture will be posted

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just watch

i just hope he remembers to SHEF it.

This release will summon a horde of posers to make dozens of threads with moh models.

just like the blacklight models