Cross Hairs and key for switching from 1st to 3rd person

As i was playing rust, i noticed that when you have gun in 3rd person, you can’t see the target and where you point which is quite stressful.
so if we can change the camera angle or put a cross hair on the screen, it would help a lot.

And sometimes, you need to change to 1st person to 3rd person (or reverse) really quick and you can’t really stop and f1 then type
so there should be cross hair and key for switching 1st to 3rd person (or reverse)

No, there shouldn’t. This is already an issue in DayZ where people abuse the third person camera to look over objects and watch people, while staying in cover.

There is third person?
But yeah, highly abuse able.
Dumb votes incoming.

Third person isn’t exactly fully supported or implemented as of yet, haven’t decided how far we’ll go with it yet either

ok i understand but we should at least have cross hair

uh no, you shouldn’t

its just kinda in there and your tradeoff for having ESP is losing the ability to see where you are going to shoot

There are no plans for adding a crosshair, if you’d really like one you could try and attach a crosshair to a firearm, you likely don’t need one for melee

Third person just shouldn’t exist, period.
I used to be a moderator in a free Unity FPS game. They had a third person option, and it was constantly abused. People would use it to look around corners and from behind obstacles, line up the crosshair, and jump out and shoot. It got pretty ridiculous. They had an option for the host to disable third person, but then the host had to deal with waves of noobs yelling at them to turn on third person.

As far as crosshairs, no they should NOT add crosshairs. I think it lends a high degree of realism to Rust, and gives all of those gun attachments real, tangible benefits that you immediately understand.
In Rust, you know that Holo gives you a handy crosshair in aiming mode, whereas Laser sight lets you know where you’re aiming while hip firing. Additionally there’s a tangible benefit to aiming down sights - whereas in most games it’s just a number change somewhere in the engine, in Rust it’s actually physically the difference between firing from the hip, and aiming at where you’re shooting.

I don’t think third person should exist at all. It’s being used as an exploit. Looking through walls to see which rooms have the potential for goods or not. This is a survival game, not an arcade shoot em up.

Also, guns shouldn’t have cross hairs unless you aim or use the mods. I think it’s fine the way it is.

Third person hotkey will ruin the game. There will be campers waiting for people to walk by behind barricades,walls, you name it.