Cross off Linux and Windows 10?

So, rust doesn’t currently work for linux. I threw a copy of enterprise windows 10 in the drive, repartitioned, and installed. Now rust doesn’t work for windows 10 either.

Unconnected EAC is the new issue. I also have to load rust through the executable in the steamapps/common/Rust folder, or else I get error 557.

Works fine on my Windows 10. Running from steam, no issues.

Doesn’t work on Linux here either.

We’ve checked out the StartService 557 error in Windows 10, and it is related to certificates problem.
For some reason your Windows doesn’t recognize the required root certificate authority and because of that does not allow loading EasyAntiCheat’s driver.

Please double check that you have all Windows updates installed, optionals as well, and then restart Windows. There was earlier an update to Windows 10 Preview version that broke code signing certificates and it was quickly fixed in another Windows Update from Microsoft.

Works on my Win10 with Steam as well

I’m running Windows 10 Enterprise and Rust loads without issue for me.

Rust is broken on linux for me as well, there is another thread with more details here: