Cross server communication?

On behalf of my community we’re looking at some form of cross server communication for our servers. I guess the right way to go would be some kind of IRC addon, but I can’t find a proper one. Does anyone know a good IRC addon for the newest Gmod?

I’ve been around for long and I still don’t know where to post these things, so I just made a new thread about it.

IRC Addon is a good way, I guess there would be a few other ways.

I honestly can’t think of many ways though, but I fear you will have to either create this yourself or fix up an old gm12 version from

You could also use mysql, but I’m pretty sure that no where near efficient.

Sockets would be your best bet here but I don’t know of any socket modules that aren’t outdated and broken.

Global chat between a large network of servers would be interesting to see. I’m sure OpenAura had something like that, or at least just for one server, but I doubt the fact that it was useful, as the whole base itself is useless.

Exiled Servers had it way back when, last I checked it used some neato MySQL systems that I believe Sadisitic coded himself.

I had a cross-server chat on my old community’s servers. One of the other admins made a LUA addon that would send chat messages starting with specific characters to a PHP page I wrote (having GET parameters with the server it came from, the player who sent it and the message itself). This page would also display messages and messages ID from all the servers, so the addon could get the page content and show the messages in the chat, keeping the last ID in memory to avoid duplicates.
There was some delay before every server received the messages as the addon was set to read the page’s content each 5 or 10 seconds to avoid overloading the web server. Also we only had 3 servers, I don’t think it would have worked that smoothly if we had a lot more.
I don’t think the addon was using any kind of modules however, so it could be one way of doing what you want if you haven’t been able to get one of the above ways to work.

I’ll send all these solutions to the community’s coder and we’ll see if he can work something out, thanks everyone.

I found something your coder might fight useful, its kinda old so it probably won’t work anymore.
But maybe he can craft something useful out of it.

PS. There actually is no practical use for chat between servers.

Practical use - It’s a game :slight_smile:

There’s much use of it, contacting admins that are on other servers, if it’s an RP community contact characters on the other server, and more.

These should work.

On the metastruct servers we use sockets for cross-server chat.

Do you have windows ones?

Also, din’t somebody make a website for modules and stuff, or are all of those pre-GM13?

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If they’re on the same physical server you can symlink a /data/ sub-directory on both (or multiple) servers together and dump all the chat into there in some kind of serialised form and then read the file every so often.

I’ve not had the best of luck reading/editing a single symlinked file from multiple servers, but that’s still a terrible method.

It’s hard to repopulate something when your reCaptcha isn’t working.

It’s hard to fix it when no one tells me for 2 months :wink:

It’s equally hard to fix things when you don’t properly bug test the things you are hosting. :slight_smile: but I forgive you.

Not to drag this on further but it’s not my script and I only decided to ask Spencer for the source when I noticed his site was down. I suppose you’re right and I should’ve tested everything but either way I can verify that submitting modules works now and I’ve also fixed the images. It looks like two people have already submitted things too ;).