Cross-server Persistence for blueprints

Hey, I know there is already a thread about cross-server persistence, but its pretty old and I don’t want to bump it.

Having total cross-server player persistence like DayZ is totally impractical simply because people exploit it and hop from server to server with the best gear and only ever stay on high population servers to kill people.

That said I think having some cross-server persistence for blueprints would make rust a hell of a lot more fun and less of a chore when initially joining a server. I totally understand that acquiring blueprints gives a far deeper sense of player progression than if all crafting recipes were available from the get-go, but honestly I think having to do it for every server you join is a bit of a pain and is a hindrance to the elements of the game that have made it so popular (i.e. freeform base-building and raiding/defence).

Servers could chose whether or not they accept cross-server blueprints or not, meaning those who want a more ‘hardcore’ gamemode would still be able to do so.

Anyway, I get that the game is still in alpha and implementing new features entirely (especially things that require screwing with online saves and cloud settings) is the last thing facepunch wants to do, but I would love to see something like this in the future. Thanks for reading.

it would be unfair to players that really start with no blueprints at all. They would be killed by guys with m4 the first day…

H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. IDEA!

DayZ fucked up with this, though I would be glad if they would remove it if servers would stop crashing every hour and loot could respawn, but in Rust’s case, it isn’t this thing!

Players could just go to an empty server (or host their own one) and kick anyone who is an intruder and just gather every blueprint and come back to a populated server, ready to make a base, farm 1 hour and boom, full kevlar m4, 556, c4, etc.

Horrible idea.

Yeah I guess you are right, I am absolutely by no means a well-informed authority on this. It was just a suggestion.
I’ve just found the grind trying to find blueprints and whatnot quite tedious because I generally only have an hour or two to play after work each day and can’t afford to commit hours and hours to the game, but then rust is obviously not meant to be a quick, ‘jump in and play’ sort of game.

I guess as servers get more stable and updates that require wipes become less frequent you could just pick a server and stick with it for however long you want as well.

if you did this everyone would be able to craft everything in one or 2 days max

if you wanna play DayZ, go play DayZ. Stop trying to make Rust into a DayZ clone.

H.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. IDEA! !!!

nah, too much potential to abuse the hell out of it. someone could probably make a modded server where you start with all crafting options as an alternative play mode, but i’d hate to see this in a vanilla server and have players power-up on an empty server then jump into a new one.