"Cross soldiers confirmed backup"- epic battle between brown soldiers & offscreen soldiers

Not too much colors, nice idea, no bloom-raping rainbows - as you requested, guys. <3


Nice joazzz’s baby bro, the tracers and muzzle-flashes look like semen, I like the posing and the effort on this.

the guy on the right eye’s are far too close. and hes a bit derp

Why is the quality raped to all hell?

Because Faraon

Troll, thinking originalty is adding bloom rape and gay colors everywhere and acting like the rest of the pictures there are just generic brown soldiers shooting offscreen.

“Gay colors” are only on your avatar, dumb troll.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling in Screenshots (AGAIN)" - Dragon))

Ah, okay. I thought the last picture wasn’t bad enough to be troll shit, but now I get it.

Looks even worse than your last picture.

no one requested this. especially something this awful.

Everyone’s a winner :unsmith:



its as if someone took modern warfare 2 models and set them up in a way so their outward appearance would be that of penguins having sex, and then wiped baby shit all over it.

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and then painted on it with horse cum

My muzzleflashes have never looked like that.

What an insult. I’d be pissed if I were you, Joazzz.

Posing is off, muzzle flash looks pasted on and too similar to the others on the pic, blood is WAY too much…I can’t even finish explaining…why bother? Faraon_ZzZ doesn’t.

Faraon (aka Matras) vs. Facepunch: Part… who cares.

And I could be, but I dun wanna

go up to your “brother”
kick him in the face