"Cross the Line" - Playing with lights and shadows

It’s nothing too exceptional but for some reason it turned out well.

After Photoshop:


Before Photoshop:


And another thing I accidentally did during the posing process:


Comments, constructive criticism and ratings are all welcome.

Effects are not difficult to achieved, but looks nice all the same.
Also prop placements with a lamp behind them can be used to create custom shadows.
I do that from time to time.

this is legitimately awesome. not hard, but fucking awesome.

damn my lamp stool to hell for not working.

The illusion the shadow creates is amazing.

Thanks! I really wasn’t expecting so positive reactions from such a simple picture.

Don’t need to be complicated to be good.

It’s nice but why is he sitting like that?

Being held hostage.

Looks better without photoshop to be entirely honest.

Oh well. I wanted to give it a more depressing mood.