Crossbow Animation/Role

I think the new crossbow animation is crap. The model is of a stirruped crossbow, you should use the stirrup to draw the crossbow.
That brings up the role of the crossbow. Making the player bend over to load the crossbow makes loading take longer, this is how it should be. Historically the advantages of crossbows over bows was that they were significantly more powerful and one could wait around with a loaded bolt in ambush as long as one wanted. Making the crossbow a faster bow is dumb, because bows are faster than crossbows.
This shit backwards yo.

The bow was the assault rifle of the day and the crossbow was the sniper.

Also I think lower tier weapons need more focus, especially with the high grade metal update.

It’s brand new. Don’t worry, it’ll probably be tweaked. I don’t think anything has been implemented into the game that has been perfect the first time around.

And things get tweaked and changed because we the community give feedback.
And most things are pretty close to what they were when they were implemented, with a slight animation change here or a miniscule damage nerf there.

So you cant load the crossbow and run around?

I wasn’t trying to dismiss your feedback or anything. I haven’t tried out the crossbow yet, but if more people feel the way you do, then definitely it’ll be changed.

And most of the game was changed drastically today. What do you mean things are only changed slightly? Hell, the entire GAME was redone. If it’s really gamebreaking, it’ll be balanced out. Probably not right away, but Garry and the dev team aren’t dumb.

I think most things are pretty close to what they were implemented as since the new build, I could be wrong. I definitely have faith in the dev team though seeing as they’ve made a damn fun game and its still not near complete.

Yeah I just think it would add to the end balance of the game and overall realism/awesomeness factor.

Huge support for this thread :slight_smile:

I don’t like the crossbow as it currently is. I’m not too picky about the animation. Agreed it should be better, but I could live with it as is.

What bugs me is that there’s really no advantage of using the crossbow over the bow in its current iteration. As said, it should be the equivalent of a sniper rifle. It should be able to deliver a more accurate shot with more power and damage, with the disadvantage being it requires longer to reload than using a bow.

Currently, it’s useless for hunting, as any animal you shoot (other than a chicken) requires 2 shots. Shoot once, and the animal flees. You take forever to reload, and the animal is gone… At least with a bow you can follow up the shot quickly. Same for pvp. The increase in damage and arrow velocity over using a bow is insignificant to the point of making the crossbow disadvantageous compared to using a bow.

How odd - the only animal that has taken two shots from the crossbow for me, as of earlier today, are the bears. I do consistently aim for the head - maybe that is why? I will have to experiment with body-shots later when I get back home.

While playing yesterday, I managed to find about 7 or 8 crossbows really quickly. Drop rate is pretty high.

I ended up putting 4 on my bar. Loaded them all with arrows so all I had to do was swap n shoot. Really came in handy when I came across someone with a bow and arrow. They stood no chance.

Four? What a casual.

The floor of your home is fucking boring. Needs more corpses, and more ‘Pussy Fart’ signs.

If your suggestions got implemented nobody would use the crossbow as it would be too cumbersome to reload. There needs to be a compromise between reality and in-game behaviors. I could see it getting a slightly slower reload time and more power, but the second you’re forced to stop moving to reload it everyone is going to throw their crossbows on the ground and commit to bow play.

Put a crank on it and make a silly reload, I dunno.

I get it that implementing the whole ‘bend over, put foot in loop, pull crossbow’ string thing is slow and cumbersome (and probably a pain to implement on the programming side), so why not just do an animation for a chest reload?

Now you can move around while you’re reloading, bam. Maybe for the sake of it not looking too silly, limit the player to walking speed while they’re reloading or something.

I’d definitely still use it if it became a one hit to wounded state.
And don’t tell me you can continue to be a 1337 operator with a broad head in your chest.

Also on that note, I’d like to see crippled limbs.

I had some long winded modular weapon idea but it got big clunky and mostly pointless. I have no input on damage, accuracy or range because I haven’t used the crossbow against people enough myself.
New simpler idea: 2 reload animations for the crossbow.

Normal reload:
Slower than current reload.
Struggles to pull back the string (brace stock against stomach, arm shaking while pulling)
Cannot sprint while pulling back the string.

Stirrup reload:
Faster than current reload but briefly immobile while pulling back the string.

My idea for choosing which to do is “press R for normal reload, hold R for stirrup reload.” Maybe middle mouse could work instead? Knowing to hold R isn’t intuitive but I like that it uses the same button.