Crossbow skin (Tough one)

I’m requesting a slightly dumb skin for the normal HL2 crossbow. They made the sniper file skin, so i thought they could make another rifle skin.

Kel-Tec SU-16C. A nice rifle that is semiautomatic. This would need modeling, new animations and new materials. Oh and also new sounds. this would take time.

I have a couple ideas for animations.

As the crossbow has only one bolt at a time, one animation would be:

1.) You shoot, a bullet is inserted in the barrel, and then you’re ready to shoot again.

2.) There would be two kinds of animations. One is same as 1.) Second is that you take the mag out (Would be a small magazine) and put another. Then 1.) would be repeated 3-5 times, then 2nd animation again. Although i’m not sure can you deicde when which animation is used, not experienced with modeling or animating so there.

If you want to see what the gun looks like and/or more info, watch this