Crossbows (Oblivion)

It’s from the Crossbows of Cyrodiil mod for Oblivion. The Crossbow uses skingroups.
Crossbows of Cyrodiil

crossbows are much larger than that

Those be some sexy crossbows

Haha holy fuck that’s a small arrow bag thing.

Damn those things are small.

That’s what she said…

On another note, They look pretty cool, abit small but unique :v:

p.s I read it as “Crossbows (Obviously)

Is there anyway you can increase the size of my crossbow?


No but really, can you scale it bigger so it actually looks cool?

Shutup it’s retro chic.

Holy shit, this made my day. This is actually perfect. I’m gonna make some gnome poses with this, just the right size.

I do a little bit of modeling, I could try :v:

The models look like they need to be rescaled a bit, way too small right now.

Well it is rather tiny.

But still nice, would work for some assasin-style medieval poses.

I do believe they are bolts, which explains their small size.

Would it be possible to make a Mini Crossbow similar to the one out of Deus Ex?
Or would that prove too difficult?

Hey but cAnt we inflate them with the Prop inflator???

I guess these are those one-handed crossbows…

Nice quiver lol. BTW what map is that?

It’s gm_buttes.

those wouldn’t hurt a fly, and would be akward to hold