Crosshair instead of iron sights

Can there be an option to right click and get a crosshair or dot instead of iron sights?

If the argument is realism, does the laser pointer have a place in the game, and will it remove the cone where the gun moves but the camera doesnt?

Obviously you guys don’t have access to the inner workings of stuff like this unless you’re a dev or are looking at some dev blog I am unaware of, so this is more of a question on what you guys think.

Just get crosshair overlay, even now it still works but only if you aim.

You could get banned for using third party software.

Safest way is to have a gaming screen with a integrated crosshair or draw a dot directly on your screen.

IMO it’s pretty much useless now to use a crosshair since they added lazy aim.

Why does everyone insist on making shooting easy. Go to a gun range and ask someone to teach you how to shoot then come back and let me know if it still bugs you.

Alot of people want it easy mode.

Anyone who has actually fired a real weapon knows that your barrel makes tiny circles as you hold it, the trick is to drop the hammer just as the barrel is lining up with where you want the projectile to go. This is most noticeable with a long gun at long distance however the same effect is true even with a hand gun. The aim cone is there to simulate the inaccuracy that all shooters have, if you take that away and Put a little red dot where every bullet will land then we all become the best shot in the world. Where is the sport in that?

I fully agree with halfhand, but a laser pointer would be nice.

Best way I could describe how it would play is the same way it does in insurgency.

Crosshair will be fucking the game up. Lazers pointers would be great but crosshair? Do we switches rust to CSGO or some shit?

Delayed aim (that center deadzone that doesn’t move the camera) is an intentional feature and will not be removed by anything. Laser optics will be going in as a weapon mod, so will red dot sights, but those are going to be additions to the base guns and never a default feature.

Would be awesome if Rust were the first FPS game to replicate how red dot sights work in real life.

And limit vision accordingly to iron sights.

I bet you want hitscan aswell…

Here is a better option. Learn to use the ironsight. Become a better class player.