Crosshair is gone

My HL2 crosshair is just gone. Somebody can help me?

crosshair 1 is the command in console to show it i think

mine is gone also for some reason, and the crosshair 1 is already enabled.

I’m having the same problem here?, does anybody knows how to solve ot?
Also crosshair 1 is enabled

Bump. Just for these 2 guys and me to get our crossies back.

Could well be clientside lua, check what you’ve downloaded recently.

Clientside? OK. Think I got it back, actually.

happened to me also, I just used a crosshair mod to save me some trouble aiming.

No actually, I think Garry removed the crosshair in one of the recent update. It would be nice if there is a way t obring it back. A clientside LUA should fix this problem