Crosshair point forever

Hello Guys
I have a question
How can i make this crosshair static on Rust?
Not only,when i interact with items

This crosshair is so good
I wanna use it forever.

draw on your monitor

Too ez


Buy a monitor with a built in crosshair like mine.

Did you just cough cum on him? I’ve heard of cough farting or burping. But never a cum.

I mean console command or something like that

Not cum or paint

no console command for a persistent targeting reticule at this time.

or cum and paint on someone

this is so going to be a new thread… “HALP!! GOT CUMMED ON IN RUST!!”

Our avatars look like targets…

So bad ><

Thats noscope 360 time

Give us a god damn crosshair full time if we want it. Maybe I’m getting old but I get nauseated without one sometimes. I know some people will complain about the bows and using external crosshairs or tell us to draw on the screen. As stupid as it sounds, little things like this make it more accessible to some people and that’s something worth working towards.

i have no issue with a dot in the middle of the screen, as long as it’s not a proper x crosshair;)

Crosshair is for wieners.

Stick a nail into your srceen or play random shooter.

Sorry just my opinion…

I’m already comin from shooters to Rust