[Crosshairs] Are they bannable? Are they vac detected

Before commenting don’t comment on how crosshairs are scum, this discussion is if they are VAC bannable etc.

I’m new to Rust, i’m an avid CSGO player and fairly decent at it. This non crosshair business with Rust does my head in sometimes !!

I play on a server that has a constant 150-250 people on during peak times. There was a discussion about crosshairs, in specific Desktop overlay crosshairs

Does anybody use them? Are they VAC detected, I’m not the smartest with this shit, i have a $1000 steam invent i’d rather not lose due to a crosshair in rust.


Short answer is yes.

You could always put a piece of tape with a dot on your monitor.

And as long as the crosshair doesn’t modify any files and is merely an overlay(like the Steam/Origin/Uplay/Fraps/Bandicam/DXtory overlays), it should be fine.

If you have a super g4m3r ASUS monitor you can even have one built into the OSD of the monitor…

You wouldn’t lose your steam inventory from a VAC ban in Rust, you’d just lose Rust. Unless you spent $1000 on skins.

If you use one it makes you a certain kind of a dick.

vac can detect all forms of tape based crosshairs

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yes because crosshairs TOTALLY make a shitty player suddenly amazing, yes

On my server I see this in console with one player:

IPnumber/SteamID/Playername disconnecting: Integrity Error: Hack tool detected: External Crosshair

if onluy there was an aiming mechanism on guns …oh wait.

Draw a little dot on your screen with a (non-permanent) marker. Once you have finished playing, wipe it off!


hate to break the trend, but everyone so far is taking the piss. external crosshairs cannot be detected, they are just cheap and scummy. i couldn’t confirm for sure that EAC/VAC do not detect things that modify the game to provide a crosshair, but honestly, why would you need them? it’s a game ffs.

I use a small piece of Uhu patafix. It’s like modelling clay.

I don’t really need it for gunplay but I hate that I always miss the small trees in snowbiome cuz the screen moves while hitting. Hitboxes of those suck.

Yall do know there is a slight bit a free play in the mouse look when you are not aiming? Meaning dotting or overalys will only give you a rough idea of where you may be aiming. Personally, because of this feature I see no point in dotting or an overlay. Dont believe me? Then sit and move your mouse just a tiny bit without making your view turn without aiming… You can make your gun do little circles. So have fun running pointless overlays and cleaning your screen :slight_smile:

Why can’t people just play the game how its meant to be played?

We are aware of this. The rough idea where you are aiming helps if you want to pick up items quickly or hit the thinner trees. It’s no fun to mash E till you finally pick up items like arrows, spears, medical syringes and other small stuff or mishitting a thin tree several times because the screen moves to the upper right corner. It’s annoying and that’s for me the main reason why I use it.

I don’t really know if it is a huge advantage for gunplay because as a soloplayer I get like never a gun except a pipeshotgun and sometimes a revolver.

Guess none of these tape dotters saw the update a month ago that apparently make homemade cross-hairs inaccurate. I am a bit confused by the description of the method the devblog posted though.

I don’t understand this helps you pick up things comment, do you not see the big White dot and text that pops up when you hover over something you can interact with?

The dot doesn’t show accurately when trying to pick stuff up in a hurry and this is a nightmare when playing on fast paced servers, u obviously have to much time to stand around and get the annoying dot 2 show.

Don’t listen to this guy, he’s trying to get you vac banned.
My friend got banned for thinking about having a crosshair the other day, it was scary