Crosshairs for Kermite SWEPs

Enables the crosshairs on Kermite’s latest knives, pistols, shotguns, SMGs and machineguns SWEPs, for those of us that want them.
I KNOW the crosshairs aren’t supposed to be there, but some people prefer fun over realism, being able to aim without the ironsights.

The crosshairs are a little hard to see in the images.

and this is a model / skin?

Wow, this must have took DAYS

But seriously, this is lua, and you just changed 1 line of code.

One line in like, 24 LUAs, but yes.

Good work, it is definitely useful to some people.

It’s an addon for some models / skins so yes it belongs here

It’s an addon for some models, it’s not models/skins.