"Crossing the line" - Robber betrays his companion on rooftop of building.

BLeagh the thread name…

and close up on “da robber”

this pic came out as test for Iwrath’s new awesome vest ragdoll wich i spended like a HOUR figuring to put it on Nick, ending up changing weights, inflation and gravity of both models, like 100 times before i was satisfighted and added welded combo ragdoll to my adv. dupe library.
also - kane & Lynch full soudtrack rocks.

nice :3

"Remember… No Russian."

Oh God, now I have to play MW2, I can’t get it out of my head :C


wait, what? Automerge didn’t work! :v:


Nicely done :smiley:


Love the skin

The robber did remind me of Makrov a bit…

Man I love poses that are like Heat-esh…

More like the dark Knight.

Where do you people get those robber models D:\

I know, there is a Vest, but where do you get the gasmask, bag, and the model for Nick?

Remember, no serious

Guess its going to be a mystery, Still a great photo

The Gasmask must be edited or it’s one of the ‘‘private’’ models once again.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=66785 There is the bag and you should be abled to find NICK very easily…

Nope, I can’t find him once so ever D: