'Crossover': A GMod Comic Concept

Hello Facepunch. First of all I’m very, very new to GMod. I got it for Christmas from a friend and my only experience with GMod posing was reading Concerned years ago. I was always inspired to try my own hand at a comic, but typically assumed it would be way beyond me. However since I now own the program, I didn’t really have an excuse not to try. So I’ve spent about a week working on my own project. I realise it’s better to start with single pictures and get better at them first, but I find I enjoy it more if I make pictures that tell a story continuously.

The comic is essentially a crossover for several videogame characters who I’ve grouped up in an alternate reality. The story is a little bit silly, but it will make sense. So far (Not including the 2 group shots below) I’ve made just under 50 frames of the comic. I got a little bit better as time went on (My earlier frames didn’t have DoF as I didn’t know about it), but I still have a lot to learn so this project is just as much an attempt at getting better as it is a story I want to finish.

I’m really hoping to get some opinions and critique from the people here. As an amateur I’m very eager to learn from the experts. I’m not hugely interested in post-editing pictures in an image-editor afterwards (Muzzle flashes and blood shots being an exception), so I’m hoping for any pointers on how I can improve in GMod itself. I’ve shrunk the following pictures down a bit and thrown on a simple border, the finished product will be presented better. Obviously no dialogue is in yet:

Group Shot #1 (Taken early in development)

Group Shot #2 (Taken recently)

Concept Frame #1 (First attempt at DoF)

Concept Frame #2 (Experimenting with camera positions)

Concept Frame #3 (Attempt at action shot)

After previewing this post I’ve realised the image quality has dropped more than I expected when I shrunk them down. The full size versions are much better. Really I’m hoping to get some general opinions on how it’s looking so far. I’ve tried to look at some other GMod comics as examples and I’ve seen some amazing ones over the last few days, however it seems like there aren’t that many around.

Some of the posing needs work, as some is kinda wonky. But overall decent. You should play around with lighting and for taking images back up ingame and zoom in with your camera set up from farther away, it will make the actual images look nicer, (there was a tutorial on that but it’s lost)

Nothing to add, Fort said everything.
Overall it’s good for a newcomer, better than something we’d expect from someone who got Gmod a few days ago.

Awesome! Those are some good tips, thankyou. :slight_smile:


In addition there is an editing section here for helping with other aspects of Gmod screenshots.


Instead of shrinking the images, just put them in thumbnail tags. Then people can click on them to see the original size.

In hindsight that would have been much better, yeah. Ah well, I’ll remember for next time.

Thanks for the links folks, gonna go over them with a fine tooth comb! Really appreciate the help!

For some reasons, I’m passionate about crossovers. I’ve actually got a project that I’m going to discuss soon that revolves around a war.

I’m a noob at posing too, and won’t interfere with YOUR project, but I’m interested to see what you come up with.

I do like the concept and I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it’s been done before. I’m particularly fond of lonefirewarrior’s Vindication, which is pretty much the same idea in a nutshell (EDIT: to be fair, he didn’t make a comic out of it).

I’m afraid I can’t be of much help in terms of in-game post-processing, I don’t have much technique in that regard, but I can give you some pointers in terms of comic making. I’ve done some stuff.

EDIT: Sent you a PM, I thought it was simpler in case you had any questions. I’m very glad to see someone new taking an interest to making comics, I was starting to think I might be the last one alive…

Hey that’s awesome. Back at you, I’d love to see what you’re working on. Thanks for your interest, I appreciate it. I hope you like what I end up making. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I had no doubt of that. I’m not using an original approach by any means, I’ve seen a lot of standalone pictures of crossovers all over the place from GMod. I think to be honest, that’s a pretty awesome thing, being able to appreciate our favourite characters that way. Really the only thing seperating my project here and anyone else’s crossover stuff is the storyline and dialogue I suppose. Hopefully what I make will be interesting enough, I spent a bit of time deciding on characters that were different enough from each other to be as unique as possible. Originally I was going with L4D’s Francis instead of Max, but Francis was causing GMod to crash and I actually know Max’s personality better.

Also, Lonefirewarrior’s work is pretty amazing. God damn…

All right then, just wanted you to know what you were jumping into so you’re not called derivative or something. Looking forward to it, keep us posted!